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Welcome to Bold2Move, where bold moves shape the future of work. We guide visionary organizations through transformational journeys. Together with them we envision a future which does not yet exists and then take bold moves in order to go through the change which is needed to bring this future into reality. Challenges of our clients: too bureaucratic, too complicated, not focused to unleash the potential of its people. 

Inspired by the unstoppable adaptability & innovation of nature, our brand reflects the ripple effect of a bold move. Rooted in our love for nature and the thrill of overcoming challenges, we bring a dynamic approach to corporate transformations. 

Join Bold2Move and embrace change to ignite transformation 

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What we do 



At Bold2Move, we believe in the power of bold moves to iterate towards ambitious visions. We specialize in helping visionary organizations make transformative shifts and challenging the status quo. Our name reflects the attitude we encourage in our clients - the courage to make a bold move to co-create a better version of themselves. 

Bold2Move transforms organizations from the inside out. Our approach is rooted in the belief that a proactive and bold attitude to change can engage people inside organizations to unleash their full potential. 

Embark on a journey with Bold2Move, where each step forward is a testimony to your organization's resilience and adaptability. Embrace change, ignite transformation -
This is the Bold2Move way

What we do





We unleash creativity and inspiration to drive transformation through various formats such as

  • keynotes,

  • workshops for (executive) teams

  • and other dialogue formats

Additionally we are bringing forward-thinking & progressive organizations together to learn from and co-create with each other in our partnership with the Corporate Rebels (see more info below for Corporate Rebel Cell Germany)



We equip your team with the tools and knowledge to succeed in a rapidly changing world by enabling them via

  • Standardized practical digital enablement courses

  • customized enabling programs for various teams and roles


We do this by having a holistic approach to transformation and co-creating the future together with you.



We coach & consult senior executives, teams and organizations to create their own transformational journeys, challenge the status quo and make bold moves towards progressive ways of working.

We are catalyst to foster organizational cultures based on entrepreneurship, human potential, true collaboration and radical transparency.




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We are happy to announce that we are the German partner of Corporate Rebels for their new initiative called "Rebel Cells". We will represent Rebel Cell Germany. 

Rebel Cells are local groups of progressive companies (or those eager to become one) that come together to share experiences, learn from one another, and provide peer support as they transform their work practices. Imagine activities like meetups, company visits, joint change experiments and more.

Rebel Cells are organized locally but connected globally.

All members of a Cell have access to the Corporate Rebels Academy platform. They will organize an annual in-person meetup for all Rebel Cells worldwide—a real gathering of pioneers. Contact us at to find out more. 

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We have been working with organizations from various industry backgrounds, such as Consumer Goods, Mechanical Engineering, Technology and Energy.

The range of size varies from small and medium sized companies to global players with a footprint in many regions of the world.

In addtion we are also proud to have NGOs in our client portfolio.

You see, in order to change towards a progressive organization it is much more about starting a journey with some bold moves than to look within your industry or size of organization.


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Kevin Nolan

President & CEO of GE Appliances, a Haier company

“Jochen exemplifies the rare blend of visionary foresight and practical execution. His ability to not only envision transformative ideas but also to implement them with entrepreneurial precision is impressive.
Jochen stands out as a forward thinker and a real practitioner, making tangible impacts in the industry.”
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Michele Zanini

Co-Founder MLab & Co-Author of Humanocracy (WSJ Bestseller)

"Jochen and Carmen combine years of hands-on experience in leading large-scale change with the imagination to challenge the conventional management wisdom.  Their unique blend of practical skills, in-depth knowledge, and enthusiasm for innovative thinking makes them great partners to organizations that want to become more capable—and more human."
About us
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Carmen Knippenberg

Jochen Goeser

At the heart of my journey lies a deep-seated passion for fostering future-forward organizational development. With a blend of professional acumen and practical wisdom, I specialize in crafting customized solutions that revolve around the most vital aspect of any organization - its people. My years of experiences have taught me the importance of understanding individual purposes, nurturing curiosity, and embracing courage. These values are the cornerstones of my approach, enabling me to transform organizational cultures into spaces where people flourish and user-centricity thrives. A glimpse of my experience: My career has been marked by a diverse range of enriching experiences. I've had the opportunity to work with a variety of organizations, including a leading pharmaceutical company, a purpose-driven nonprofit, and the renowned Fraunhofer Institute. My role as a guest lecturer at multiple universities has allowed me to share my insights and learnings with the next generation. At Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, I took on pivotal roles, including being an Expertise Owner for Agile Masters and a key member of the Agile Transformation Project. Here, I helped reshape organizational structures and mindsets, impacting around 20,000 associates. Additionally, my experience encompasses various project management roles, where I led initiatives in diagnostic tool development, production relocation, and the unification of legal entities, along with steering the Project Management Office (PMO) to integrate professional management practices in diverse projects. Through these experiences, I've honed my skills in leading transformative changes, always with a focus on the people at the heart of every organization.

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  • LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn

With a proven track record as an agile transformer, I possess a solid background in digital and management, taking charge of leading global change initiatives. I firmly advocate for organizations to cultivate adaptability and adopt a human-centered approach in these dynamic times, facilitating the realization of their full potential." A glimpse of my experience: My career has been a journey of transformative leadership and strategic innovation. At Robert Bosch Power Tools, I led the Agile Transformation, reshaping the organization's dynamics for 20,000 individuals. This role was not just about structural change, but fostering a culture of adaptability and innovation. As Director for Transformation & Change, I guide a team of experts in pioneering change initiatives, further strengthening the organization's agility and resilience. Before these roles, my time at Accenture as a Senior Manager in global business transformation programs honed my skills in managing complex organizational changes. My academic foundation is equally robust, with an Executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management & WHU, and a Master of Science in Economics. These qualifications, along with various certifications in agile methodologies, have been pivotal in my professional development, enabling me to lead with insight and strategic acumen in the ever-evolving business landscape.

To find out more about some of our work:

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